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Modeled in 3D, baked with deliciousness.
Modeled in 3D, baked with deliciousness.

Looking for a place to stay now that winter is here? Welcome to Jolly McFreeze’s freshly-baked, three dimensional gingerbread house! Resist any temptation to lick the walls during your stay.


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MathDinosaur Logo

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The Calculosaurus is the only dinosaur in pre-history made entirely of math symbols. It is often unable to maintain homeostasis when attempting to divide by zero, as the paradoxical nature of the very concept will cause it to jitter uncontrollably.

MyFont API

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The MyFont API displays and exports text commands using custom characters drawn with Processing.js code, with support for text leading, trail space, alignment, and infinite text weights! It has been used in several of my logo designs, including the logo for this site.

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