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Transcolors, a colorful puzzle game made with Scratch.
Transcolors, a colorful puzzle game made with Scratch.

In July 2011, when I was just starting to get exposed to programming, I decided to turn my newly invented game idea for Transcolors into a Scratch project. Learn about the early origins of the game’s concept and get a taste of how I had first envisioned it.



Software Used

MyFont API

By | 2016-10-14T16:11:28-07:00 July 4th, 2016|

The MyFont API displays and exports text commands using custom characters drawn with Processing.js code, with support for text leading, trail space, alignment, and infinite text weights! It has been used in several of my logo designs, including the logo for this site.

Transcolors: The App

By | 2016-10-16T16:03:26-07:00 July 2nd, 2016|

Guide Scribble and friends through colorful mazes and traps in this one-of-a-kind puzzle game app! Color-switching, brick-smashing, puzzle-solving fun! The Transcolors App is coming soon to the App Store.

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By | 2016-10-16T15:55:02-07:00 June 28th, 2016|

Transcolors: Color-switching, brick-smashing, puzzle-solving fun! Switch colors to navigate through colored obstacles. Weave quickly through the maze and reach the goal in the least moves possible. Popular on Khan Academy's computer programming platform! Coming soon to the Apple App Store.

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Art and Animation with JavaScript

By | 2018-04-25T21:50:49-07:00 June 25th, 2016|

Learn the basics of computer programming through JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages. We will use Processing.js, a tool that allows JavaScript programmers to render colored shapes and create engaging animations and visualizations. Five 3-hour sessions.

Make A Website Autobiography!

By | 2017-07-09T14:39:02-07:00 June 25th, 2016|

As the internet continues to grow, using websites as a media channel becomes more and more prevalent. Learn to use HTML and CSS to create a website about yourself from the ground up! (Don't want to write about yourself? How about a movie review? Or a walkthrough of a video game? Anything goes!) Five 3-hour sessions.

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