Make A Website Autobiography!

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As the internet continues to grow, using websites as a media channel becomes more and more prevalent. Learn to use HTML and CSS to create a website about yourself from the ground up! (Don't want to write about yourself? How about a movie review? Or a walkthrough of a video game? Anything goes!) Five 3-hour sessions.

A Visual Introduction To JavaScript Programming

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Learn the basics of computer programming through JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages. We will use Processing.js, a tool that allows JavaScript programmers to render colored shapes and create engaging animations and visualizations. Five 3-hour sessions.

Haunted Stormy Night

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Lightning strikes and rain pours down; strange creatures lurk around. They softly whisper, faces blue: "The man in the moon is watching you!" CSS filters and keyframe animations are just a few of the techniques used to create this spooky HTML scene. ?

Build An Interactive Website!

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You know how to define structure with HTML. You also know how to style HTML elements with CSS and write basic interactive programs in JavaScript. Now it's time to bring all three together! Learn about the JavaScript DOM API and add sophisticated interactivity to your webpages. Three 3-hour sessions.

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SVG Avatar-In-A-Box

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A revolutionary breakthrough in avatar technology, Avatar-In-A-Box allows you to study your Khan Academy avatar from the inside out simply by moving your mouse! Derived from 100% organic SVG. Some assembly required.

Busy Buzzy Bee!

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The ecological interactions between bees and flowers are a classic example of mutualistic symbiosis. They may seem small, but humans could not exist without them. Be a bee for a while – explore a field of colorful flowers!

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