The Life Of Nathaniel Down

"Don't try to out smart me because I am Made from Pure Awesomeness"


My Name is Nathaniel Down. I am 13 years old and i am going to be a 8 grader at Acme Middle School. I was Born on February 31st, 2003. I was born in California.


I have many hobbies. My sport hobbies are basketball, soccer, baseball, and water polo. I like basketball because I like running up and down the basketball court and shooting the basketball into the hoop. I like soccer becuase I like to deflect soccer balls when Im goalie. I like baseball becuase I like hitting a home run. I like waterpolo because waterpolo is kind of like soccer but your in the water and you use your hands, I also like it becuase it is fun.

I also have gaming hobbies. I like playing Minecraft, and Clash Royale. I like playing minecraft becuase you can play with the other 1 million people. I also like communicating and stratisizing with other people on Minecraft. I like playing Clash Royale becuase I like collecting the cards to play against your opponent to advance into different "Arena's."

I also have other hobbies that involve games, but do not involve sports. I like doing JavaScript as well. I like it becuase it involves creating games, which I love playing. It also involves being creative.

My favorite Foods

3 of my most favorite foods are Vietnamese noodles, English Fish and Chips, and Korean Steak with Rice. I like Vietnamese Noodles because I like the taste of it. I like English Fish and Chips becuase its is very tasty to eat. I like Korean Steak with Rice because I like meat with rice.

Card Games

My most favorite card game is Egyptian War. Egyptian War can be played with as many players as you want. The rules are that 1 person splits the deck of cards evenly among the players, you do not look at the cards. Keep them in a neat stack in your hand. Rotate among your friends(take turns)to play the cards. Numbers do not matter, but the King card means that the next player plays 3 cards. If you play a Queen card, the next person has to play 2 cards. If you play a Jack card, then the next person will put 1 card. If it is not a royal, than the whole deck is yours. The objective of the game is get all the cards in the deck to win.

I used to like a card game called "Magic." But since I played it along time ago, I do not know how to play anymore. But I still have the cards that I collected. I also used to play "Yu Gi Oh!", I still have the cards that I collected, but I forgot how to play this card game as well.