Bill's Autobiography

-_-"Who can't say that I'm Awesome?-_-"

Who Am I?

Bill Jones

My names Bill Jones, and as a basic overview of me, I’m currently 15, and go to Chickenham High School. I am the child of Jacob and Bethany Jones. My life is still young, so there isn’t much to that currently is going on in my life. No crisis, no great losses, and not many responsibilities I can name. What I can’t tell you is what would happen in my future life, but I can tell you what is in my life now.

How I came to God

I think of God as a caring father, but at some point I had to accept him into my life. The day I can remember when I had my first experience with God was somewhere at the preschool area at my church (CCC), where I would color, listen, draw, craft, and read things about God and his stories. I didn’t really take him as my savior until later when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade where a leader directed me to accept Jesus. Soon I was baptized, and now I can really understand and notice what the sermon is talking about.

What I think of

One of my hobbies is thinking about the future and what I would do in it. I always wonder what my future will be, like what college I will go to, what job I’ll get, or what I’ll do when I retire. It wouldn’t matter because I think of it all. So far I would like to go to Scrall Jolly, a college designed for engineering, and it will train me for the job as a software engineer. I learned that this job is simple to get, great pay, and is an extremely popular job to do in my area, the Billion Vaily. As for my retirement, if I raise enough money to, I want to live in an area with an ocean side view, isolated from most places, except for necessary things, like friends, shops, and other things. If I wanted this life, I would definitely dream about it.

Some of my hobbies

Blood Craving Parasite Dread of Death

One of my personality traits is artistic creativity. I love to create, imagine, and engineer different Ideas if possible. One of my favorite hobbies, Minecraft, allows me to do this, by endless creating from building to redstone to using commands to create my own virtual world. Another hobby of mine is Magic the Gathering, a card game that gives you unlimited choices to defeat your opponent by using endless combinations, abilities, and traps to take revenge and dominate to game. Because of this passion, I like to create custom cards from the MTG (Magic the Gathering) Cardsmith. So far I think my favorite card I created was the Blood Craving Parasite, though it can use some changes. So as you know now, I love to have my own choices and do what I want in order to gain control, using my creativity and short intellect (XD).

Fun facts about me