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Make a Website Autobiography!

Course Description

Five 3-hour Sessions

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As the internet continues to grow, using websites as a media channel becomes more and more prevalent. Learn to use HTML and CSS to create a website about yourself from the ground up! (Don’t want to write about yourself? How about a movie review? Or a walkthrough of a video game? Anything goes!)

Recommended Ages

  • Grades 6 – 8


No prior coding experience necessary. Creativity and an interest in technology are recommended. Come excited and ready to learn!

Students Will Learn To:

  • Identify basic parts and structure of a website
  • Create, set up, and link HTML and CSS files
  • Use HTML tags to define structure and content


  • Day 1: Parts and structure of a website, creating an HTML file, and markup elements
  • Day 2: CSS rules and properties
  • Day 3: Attributes, classes and IDs; images, links, and external stylesheets
  • Day 4: Internal links, navigation menus, advanced CSS selectors, and state changes
  • Day 5: Feedback, final touches and presentation of websites

Instructional Format

The class size is small (six students per session) and the curriculum can adapt based on individual needs. Questions can be asked at any time. There will be frequent checks for student understanding through oral review and virtual mini-quizzes. Time will be allocated for students to work on individual projects and ask for help. Creativity is highly encouraged!

You Will Need

  • A wifi capable laptop (Mac, Windows, or Chromebook recommended) and charger

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • 15 minutes before and after each session

Class Location and Organizer

286 Monroe Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040

William Yeo

Student Work

Playable demos of websites created by students during the course, and their final presentations.



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