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Course Description

Ten 1-hour Sessions

Whether you want to strengthen your skills or learn something new, math tutoring is a great way to catch up or stay ahead of the regular curriculum. For students in Grades 6 through 10.

Topics By Common Core Grade Level

You may wish to review topics from a past school year, or get a head start on topics for the current school year. Skills are listed below in the order they are generally learned in a typical math curriculum.

Show Topics

Grade 6

  • Ratios and fractions; multiplying and dividing
  • Multiply and divide multi-digit numbers
  • Find common factors and multiples
  • Algebraic expressions; one-variable equations and inequalities
  • Area, surface area, volume
  • Distributions; statistical variability

Grade 7

  • Ratios; proportional relationships
  • Operations with rational numbers
  • Properties of operations; algebraic manipulation
  • Geometrical figures; angles, area, surface area, volume
  • Probability models; inferences from random sampling

Grade 8

  • Rational and irrational numbers; exponents
  • Modeling proportional and linear relationships
  • Systems of linear equations
  • Congruence and similarity
  • Pythagorean Theorem and its applications
  • Cylinders, cones and spheres

Grades 9-10: Algebra

  • Structure of expressions
  • Polynomials and their identities; factors and zeros
  • Writing equations to model relationships
  • Solve systems of equations and inequalities, numerically and graphically, as a process of reasoning

Grades 9-10: Functions

  • Function notation
  • Domain and range; inputs and output
  • Sequence functions; recursivity
  • Calculate/Estimate rates and average rates
  • Linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions; minima, maxima, intercepts
  • Root functions; piecewise functions
  • Trigonometric functions; period, midline, amplitude
  • Rewriting and interpreting expressions and equations

Grades 9-10: Geometry

  • Transformations; congruence; similarity
  • Geometric theorems and proofs
  • Geometric constructions
  • Right triangles; trigonometric ratios
  • Circle theorems; arcs
  • Graphs and descriptions of conic sections
  • Volumes
  • Modeling situations geometrically

Instructional Format

Tutoring sessions are one-on-one and the lesson plan can adapt based on individual needs. The amount of content covered depends on the student’s learning pace, but I will attempt to cover your selected topics as comprehensively as necessary for the student to master them. Feel free to bring homework, textbooks, or past tests to review.

Location and Organizer

286 Monroe Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040

William Yeo

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The tuition is $500/student and includes ten one-hour consecutive Sunday sessions, starting in Fall 2017.

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How does your student learn? What types of learning activities does he/she prefer? What pace is he/she most comfortable with? If you have specific topics that you would like me to cover, list them below.

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