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Course Description

Five 2-hour Sessions

Drawings! Games! Visualizations! Learning to program with JavaScript couldn’t be more fun with Processing.js, a tool for creating interactive animations.

Recommended for students grades 6 and up.

See Student Presentations


No prior coding experience necessary. Creativity and an interest in technology are recommended (math skills will come in handy as well for this class). Come excited and ready to learn!

Students Will

  • Establish relationships between variables
  • Call and create functions to help with drawing tasks
  • Use logical statements
  • Handle user events and add interactivity
  • Present and explain their work to peers and parents at the end of the week


  • Day 1: Processing.js functions, colors, and shapes
  • Day 2: Variables, math expressions, control flow, and animation
  • Day 3: Events and user interaction
  • Day 4: Loops, arrays, and starting of final projects
  • Day 5: Feedback, final touches and presentation of projects

Instructional Format

Students will have plenty of one-on-one attention, and the curriculum can adapt based on individual needs. Questions can be asked at any time. Time will be allocated for students to work on individual projects and ask for help. Creativity is highly encouraged!

Class Location and Organizer

286 Monroe Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040

William Yeo

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2016 Class Portfolio

Check out some of the awesome projects made by last year’s students!

ninja parkour by camdensun
8 Votes10 Spinoffs188 Lines
balloon pop by ec49ca
1 Vote2 Spinoffs40 Lines
Hurdles by josephgaming954
1 Vote1 Spinoff81 Lines
Ball Game by TheDoodleNator
1 Vote1 Spinoff46 Lines
FINAL PROJECT!!!!!!! BALLOON POP by gabrielmay30
2 Votes1 Spinoff64 Lines
Mr. Pink Launcher - Final Project by Sebydoodle
4 Votes2 Spinoffs147 Lines
Try to debug if you can... by Venophilo
1 Vote1 Spinoff209 Lines
How to Hang-Man by baseballgrl
3 Votes1 Spinoff110 Lines
tik tak no by backspace9845
2 Votes1 Spinoff231 Lines

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