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Monthly Rundown: November 2016

In keeping with my resolution from last month, here’s a rundown of what I’ve accomplished this past October, things I plan to add to the site this November, and things I’m dreaming of making or doing in the future.

What I’ve Done

On This Site

  • Added 2 projects to my portfolio:
    • SVG Avatar-In-A-Box. – The hottest novelty gift on the market. Pseudo-3D, derived from SVG, and 100% organic.
      Get yours now while supplies last!
      Get yours now while supplies last!
    • Haunted Stormy Night – A ghost house during a lightning storm, written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Uses keyframe animations, filters, and jQuery.
      Avatar ghosts crashed my house. Of course, there are much scarier things to be worried about this Halloween.
      Avatar ghosts crashed my house. Of course, there are much scarier things to be worried about this Halloween.
  • Wrote two blog posts:
  • Added back the intro section/navigation at the top of the project pages. Don’t they look gorgeous? (Pro tip: click on one of the tag labels to change the Previous/Next navigation to that topic.)
  • Added back my Social Profiles menu at the top right. Follow my Facebook page!

WordPress Theme

  • As of now, the WordPress theme used on this site is a custom child theme based off of ThemeFusion’s Avada theme. While Avada has served me well for over two years, I’ve been itching to write a theme of my own using my newfound WordPress knowledge. So I’ve started writing one from scratch. I’ll share what I have so far shortly.

In Other News…

  • I bought myself a brand-new MacBook Air yesterday, which means I can finally start to improve my web/app development workflow (yaaay! ‎?). Gone are the days of standalone FTP site edits from school-issued Chromebooks.

Coming Up Next On This Site

  • More projects to add to my portfolio, including Khan Academy projects and music compositions from the past five years.
  • More blog posts.
  • Mini-tutorials. Want to make a meme with CSS? Stay tuned!
  • Revival of the Isotope filters on the projects page, from before the site rebuild in July.
  • A brand new Experiments menu! I’ll write a blog post about it to go along with the release.
  • SVG-ified lead images for project pages.

Things I Want To Do

On This Site

  • Sell an album.
  • Rewrite all the text on my already existing project pages (I cringe at my writing style from two years ago).
  • Revive the Easter Eggs project from before the site rebuild in July.
  • Add to my About page.
  • Finish my WordPress theme.


  • Rewrite the Transcolors App using Swift and SpriteKit. With my new Mac, this should hopefully be a breeze.


  • Turn some of my artwork into T-shirts and other memorabilia.
  • Open-source Amuse, a project I’m keeping secret for now.

Things To Learn

  • Swift
  • AngularJS
  • Python
  • Git
  • Other web development tools
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Darryl Yeo is a young programmer, web developer, computer graphics artist, musician, and composer who hopes to inspire others through his projects and inventions. Read more about Darryl.


  1. Luke Krikorian November 6, 2016 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Awesome work Darryl. Seems like you’ve got some very interesting projects coming along. Keep up the awesome work!

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